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Alabama Dental Association 

The Alabama Dental Association is working every day to inform, instruct and provide needed support for our members who bear the full economic and personal hardship of practice interruption with loss of vital income.

Please know that we will continue to be there as we support you in every way we possibly can.
Please make sure you are receiving our e-alerts and notices by sending your email address to and check often on our website for more updates regarding COVID-19. 

Thank you for your membership and continue to keep yourselves, your families and your patients safe.

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Alabama Specific Updates


Medicaid Claims D1999 PPE Reimbursement Information:

D1999 can now be filed on claims for treatment extending back to 3/16/2020 and going forward from 6/25/20. 
For claims already filed with Medicaid for services between March 16 and June 25:
A new claim with only Patient Name and Date of Service for D1999 reimbursement can be filed. This claim will be paired by Medicaid with the previous treatment claim for the same day of service already on file. Practices DO NOT NEED TO REFILE TREATMENT CLAIMS.
For claims that have not yet been filed and for all claims after June 25:
D1999 can be filed on the same form as other treatment codes for the date of service.

Interim Infection Prevention and Control Guidance for Dental Settings During the COVID-19 Response: It supplements, but does not replace the the general infection prevention and control (IPC) recommendations for COVID-19

Board of Dental Examiners Statement issued May 7, 2020

"Current CDC and OSHA national interim guidance recommends postponing elective dental procedures, but the decision is left up to each state government. Governor Ivey and the Alabama Department of Public Health have reopened Alabama to elective medical and dental procedures based on the situation in Alabama. The opinion the Dental Board released on April 29 interprets the current CDC guidance and gives a practical way to practice consistently with OSHA’s suggestions. The Dental Board has consulted with CDC and OSHA on these matters. Each individual dentist must decide their ability to practice safely in their office circumstance and environment."

Centers For Disease Control 

Guidance for Dental Settings

Practice Management Assistance

Covid-19 Coding and Billing Guidance