Executive Committee
Dr. Jim Phillips, President
Dr. Lauren Moore, IM. Past President
Dr. Adolphus Jackson, President-Elect
Dr. Mary Wallace, Vice-President
Dr. Bob Jones, Secretary-Treasurer
Dr. Jennifer Doobrow, Budget and Auditing Chair
Dr. Mark Summerford, Speaker of the House
Mobile District  
Dr. Alex Krempa, President
Dr. Trey Waltman, Trustee

Second District 
Dr. Lakeshia Thomas, President
Dr. Heather Thornton, Trustee
Third District
Dr. Patrick Galloway, President
Dr. Robert Rowell, Trustee
Fourth District
Dr. Stanley Beard, President 
Dr. Champ Bowling, Trustee

Fifth District
Dr. Karen Connell, President
TBD Trustee

Sixth District
Dr. Will Vandervoort, President
Dr. Kristin Reed, Trustee

Birmingham District
Dr. Paige Whitt, President
Dr. Jim Roberts, Trustee
Eighth District
Dr. Tim Brooks, Acting President
Dr. Lindalee Clayton, Trustee

Ninth District
Dr. Britany Matin, President
Dr. Lana Atchley, Trustee

ADA Delegates
Dr. Stacey Gardner, Delegate
Dr. Leigh Kent, Chair
Dr. Larry F. Browder, Delegate
Dr. William Ingram, Delegate
Dr. Deborah Bishop, Delegate 

University of Alabama School of Dentistry
Dr. Russell Taichman, Dean
Department of Public Health
State Dental Director 
Dr. Tommy Johnson, Director
Alabama Dental Society
Dr. Deveta Peoples, Past President
Board of Dental Examiners
Dr. Mark McIlwain, President