Alabama Dental Association Group Health and Dental Insurance Benefit Plan

ALDA is pleased to announce our new Employee Benefits Program effective April 1, 2022.

For our members, ALDA will now have new and improved benefit offerings consisting of 4 medical plan options and 2 dental plan options with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama.

Supplemental plans or secondary plans will be offered on 3 out of the 4 medical plan options. The supplemental or secondary plans that are being offered will help absorb the out-of-pocket expenses for our members and their employees.

With the new benefit offerings, we hope to help our member dentists and their dental team improve the cost and benefits associated with medical and dental insurance in 2022.

The new medical and dental programs ALDA is offering will have turn-key benefit administration to create better employer and member experience, billing, communication, and compliance support.

To find out more about the plan offerings, details, and cost and to enroll for coverage, please click the link below.