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Dental Careers

The American Dental Association (ada.org) offers a wealth of information for people interested in a career in dentistry.

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Dental Clinics

Alabama has many charitable clinics for underserved populations, many of which take patient income under consideration. Patients must contact each clinic for details on fees and services. These clinics may have waiting lists for services; be open only on certain days; accept only patients from certain counties; and not accept emergencies. Patients may also wish to check with their local county health department for information about dental services.

This clinic list may not include all charitable clinics in the state. Email clinic information to judkins@aldaonline.org. The Alabama Dental Association does not endorse any clinic listed, nor make any representations regarding the type or quality of care provided at these clinics.

Donated Dental Services

Donated Dental Services (DDS) is a program of the Dental Lifeline Network and supported by the Alabama Dental Association (ALDA) whereby volunteer dental professionals donate dental services to elderly and/or disabled patients. A local DDS Coordinator is responsible for determining patient eligibility and monitoring each patient's treatment and progress. For more information, please contact Alabama's DDS Coordinator.

Coordinator Information:
Brenda McCoy
Donated Dental Services
P.O. Box 571
Montgomery, AL

Medicaid & All Kids

The Alabama Medicaid Dental Program covers certain routine preventive and restorative services for children under age 21 who have full Medicaid eligibility. Medicaid does not cover any type of dental care for adults.

ALL Kids is a low-cost, comprehensive healthcare coverage program for children under age 19. Benefits include dental care.

Dispute Resolution

Disputes between a patient and a dentist can often be resolved through a process known as Peer Review, by which the dental profession reviews and resolves problems or misunderstandings regarding dental treatment. Peer review exists for the benefit of the patient and the dentist. The process is completely voluntary and there is no cost for either party. The Alabama Dental Association has nine geographic district societies. Each district has its on peer review committee that follows guidelines established by the American Dental Association and the Alabama Dental Association.

A peer review committee consists of dentists who volunteer their time and expertise to consider questions about the appropriateness or quality of dental care. The members of the committee are impartial and their goal is to mediate a reasonable and mutually agreeable solution for the parties involved.

A dispute may be resolved through mediation alone, or through review of patient records and clinical examination (this process is known as Binding Arbitration).

Frequently Asked Questions

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