Time Travelers Backups


If you have been waiting for a backup and disaster recovery service that is good enough to be endorsed by the Alabama Dental Association, your wait is over. Our Time Travelers backup and disaster recovery service will maintain a complete backup of your primary office server (or servers) that can be used to restore your system to working order after even the most catastrophic data loss. Even if you believe you have a backup solution in place, you owe it to yourself to review some of the unique features that Time Travelers Backup has to offer:

  • Complete (100%) copy of your entire computer (or computers)
  • Daily backups maintained for at least a full year
  • Backup copies stored both on-site and off-site
  • Exceeds HIPAA requirements for security and accessibility
  • Nothing to purchase (all hardware and software included in your subscription)
  • Backups run completely unattended, in background without interruption
  • Backups can be restored to an empty/different computer (true disaster recovery!)
  • Fully managed backup and disaster recovery solution (with active daily monitoring)

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